Copy and Paste in Command Prompt on Windows

How to Copy and Paste in Windows Command Prompt ?

Many times when I use Command Prompt, I think that it would be better if we could also copy and paste commands in command prompt. Well if you also wish the same, than in this article I have got the solution to that problem. All you need to do is change few settings by following below given tutorial…

how to use whats app on web

How to Use Web Version of WhatsApp ?

For many of us it is great news that WhatsApp is finally available now on web! Yes you can now chat from your laptop using internet browser on your pc or mac. For all those curious ones, I have came up with the tutorial to show you how you can start…

make calls from ipad ipod and mac

How to Make / Receive Calls From iPad Running iOS 8 ?

With the release of iOS 8 last year, Apple tried to make their devices work more seamlessly with each other and they really did it. You can now start working on your Mac and continue it on your iPad or iPhone from wherever you left off, because of Hands Off feature and…

how to install whats app on ipad ? - whats app for ipad without jailbreak

How to Install Whats App on iPad ? (Without Jailbreak)

The App which changed the way people look at texting, yes I’m talking about Whats App. It is the most popular messaging app for the mobile device today. People love it not because it allows us to send messages but also for its other great features like sharing images, videos and audios…

how to enable password protect on google chrome - lock google chrome

How to Password Protect Google Chrome?

We all prefer to lock computer while we are leaving it for short time. Well I think it’s good practice as it ensures that no one is using and messing up with it when you are not around. What if you could also lock your web browser? Sounds good isn’t it?…

Nexus 6 v/s Xiaomi MI 4

Phone Comparison: NEXUS 6 v/s Xiaomi MI 4

There has been a huge trudge in the Indian smartphone market and there have been a back to back launches for many big brands like Apple, Motorola, Xiaomi, Google’s Nexus flagships. And this has made a competitive market environment and it helps users to choose the best of what they…

how to convert time zone using google

Google Adds a Time Zone Converter

It does happen that you have to search through various sites on google to know the time at different places across the world. Well that’s time consuming, so to takeover this problem google recently added time zone converter to the search results. Excited about it? Lets talk on how to use it.

how to transfer music from iPhone to android ?

How to Transfer Music From iPhone to Android ?

What if I tell you now it is possible to transfer music from iPhone to android device ? I know you won’t believe but after lots of research finally I am able to send music files from my iPhone to android devices. Do you want to know how it can be…