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Top 10 Best Android Phones Under 15000 Rs


Brijesh Gohil

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  1. Jerish says:

    More useful post. This post gave me an idea on all the latest phones and helping me to decide on my mobile purchase.

  2. jasmit says:

    superb post..i am just confused whether to buy htc desire or moto g

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Go for Moto G jasmit, It is the most appreciated phone of year 2014

      • Satyam says:

        I want to buy a phone please suggest which one is best upto 15 k
        Either blackberry z3 ,nokia lumia 630 or samsung grand neo

        • Brijesh Gohil says:

          Hey satyam, I would not recommend Nokia Lumia 630 nor Blackberry z3 both of them have very less apps in their app stores. You can go for Samsung Grand Neo. Still if you want to buy than go for Nokia Lumia 630.

  3. nitya says:

    I am confused between xolo play 6x – 1000 n karbon octane or I should buy some other phone. I love 2 play games n want 2 gb ram phone but my budget is only 15K
    Plz suggest

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Xolo is designed for gaming, if you love to play games on mobile than for sure you can go for it and also it is best gaming phone under 15000 Rs. or I would suggest Xiomi MI3 but there are no stores in India of it. The only way you can order it is by

  4. Tanoj says:

    i want to buy a phone.
    i am confused among lenovo s850 & Asus
    zenfone 5,8gb

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Go for Lenovo S850 (See on Flipkart), it has got 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor, 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory. It also has good camera 13 MP Rear and 5 MP front. It comes with latest Android v4.4 Kitkat. All these amazing specs you are getting at unbeatable price of 14,450 Rs.

  5. praharshita says:

    I am confused between lenovo s850 and htcdesire 616 which one will you suggest?

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Hey prahashita, According to me both phones are good but If you want me to choose one from it than I would like to buy HTC desire 616. It is recently launched handset from HTC and it has got amazing specifications at unbeatable price of 15,799 Rs (See on Along with that, it also has best battery backup of 14 hours.

  6. Prafull says:

    I want to buy phone under 15k, with best camera resolution and battery life having latest version of android and processor. Someone suggested me go for lenovo phone. For Which I should go?

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Ya prafull, Lenovo S850 is the best android phone under 15000 Rs. Even though if you don’t like it than you can go for Moto G, it is the best android phone at this price range and from very well-known and trusted brand Motorola.

  7. Santanu Roy says:

    Hi, Want to purchase a phone. Budget is approx 15000/-. Selected phones are:
    1. Panasonic Eluga U
    3. LENOVO S850

  8. faisal says:

    hey i want a smartphone with my budget 15000, im thinkin for blackberry z3 to buy & confused with samsung grand neo. or any other?
    which u would suggest?

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      If you are willing to buy Android phone than you should go for Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo or Moto G. Well if you are thinking to buy blackberry than it will limit your smartphone experience in many ways like it has limited apps in its store. Blackberry will not be as flexible as Android. If you are fan of blackberry than you can buy it but I being an android lover will suggest you to go for Grand NEO.

  9. aryan says:

    hello.. can you suggest me a best phone with good camera resolution and best battery back up budget is approximately 14k.

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Hey Aryan, I have got best phone for you. You should go for ASUS ZENFONE 5 (4th in list). It has got amazing 8 MP Autofocus camera and 2 MP camera front camera. Also it delivers 18 hours of battery backup on one complete charge of battery and that’s kind a very huge at price of just 12,999 Rs. I hope it helps..

  10. Aby Thomas says:

    I am confused between Sony Xperia and Moto G which one will you suggest?

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Hey Aby, You can go for Moto G. It is the best android phone of the year. Well If you are avid photographer and love to capture good images with your phone than you can go for Sony Xperia L (8th in list). But according to me Moto G is all rounder, You should go for it from both.

  11. ani says:

    I want to buy the best smartphone for gaming under 15k with good battery life….please suggest

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      You can go for XOLO PLAY 6X-1000 (9th in list). It is specially made for gaming, It can run all high graphics games smoothly and has good battery backup too. I am sure you will not be disappointed with it.

  12. anjali says:

    Hi, are lenovo mobiles good ???

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Hi anjali, yes they are good and if you are planning to buy Lenovo phone than I would recommend you to buy Lenovo S850 it is the best lenovo android phone under 15000 Rs.

  13. Amit says:

    I m confused between lenovo s660 and s850 and asus zenfone 5? Whose battery backup and camera resolution is best among them?

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Hey Amit, all three phones are good but if you want me to select one than I would recommend you to go for Lenovo S850, among all three it has more good specifications. I hope that helps.

  14. Manju says:

    I want to buy a smart phone but confused which company phone have nice camera ,Battery ,volume ,apps

    But i have budget of 10k if any suggestion than reply….

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      As far as your budget and needs are concerned, I think you should go for Moto E (See on It comes with latest Android 4.4 Kitkat OS so you will be able to download latest Android apps from Play Store. It has 5 MP of camera which is capable to capture HD videos and amazing pictures. It also has longer battery life and good speakers. According to me this is best phone you can get at 10,000 Rs. I hope it helps.

  15. Shubham says:

    Hi Brijesh…I’m thinking to buy Blackberry Z10. Is this a good phone or you’ll suggest me some other??

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Hey shubham, yes blackberry Z10 is a good phone but you will not get as much of apps as you can get in Google Play Store. According to me you should go for Android phone. If you want me to suggest than I would recommend you to buy Moto X (See on Flipkart). It has more good specifications than Blackberry Z10. Even if you like iPhone than you can buy iPhone 5c – 8 GB (See on Flipkart). According to me these are the choices now it is up to you what to go with.

  16. irshad khan says:

    lenevo S850 or asus zenfone 5 pls suggest which is better ?

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Hey irshad, According to me you should go for Lenovo S850, It comes with latest Android v4.4, 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor and 1 GB RAM. It is also a good camera phone as it has 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP Front camera. I think among both this would be much more preferable under budget of 15000 Rs.

  17. happy says:

    what to buy a moto g or xioami redmi 1s ?

  18. bhavishay says:

    i want to buy a latest android phone of about 15k
    the major thing which i want is that it should have 2gb ram n kitkat version

    any suggestion please…

    • Hey bhavishay, According to your needs I think Asus Zenfone 5 (4th in list) and Xolo Play 6x-1000(9th in list) will be best choices. Xolo Play is made for gaming, well if you are a hard core gamer than probably you should go for it. I hope my suggestions helps you in choosing best android phone for yourself.

  19. Swathi says:

    Hi. I want to buy mobile below 15000. Can anyone suggest? How is “Xiaomi Mi3” chinese mobike? Plz help

  20. Neethu says:

    Hey am confused between LGL90 or samsung grand neo is better?

  21. william says:

    confused between grand 2 and moto g… which one will be better??

  22. Madhu sree says:

    Lenovo s850 ,moto g 2nd gen and htc desire 616 which one is best

  23. Avinash sharma says:

    i m confused to which cell phone brand should i go with.. i m looking best in terms of camera..internal memory processer under 15000 k..but grand neo or sony experia c or ASUS ZENFONE 5,,,Lenovo s850 ,moto g 2nd gen…..i m totally in confuse…i m thinking to buy grand it good or not,,and if u think there r better options so pls tell me so i can use worth money.

  24. Sandeep says:

    I want a phone under 15000. I am a hard core gamer and need a decent battery life phone. Please suggest me regarding the service of the companies. My choices are
    1. Zenfone 5
    2. Moto g 2nd gen
    3. Any Samsung phone
    4. Any Sony
    5. lumia 630( i know the limitations of os)
    6. lumia 730(i know its high price 16k though)
    7. xiaomi redmi 1s ( as mi 3 has manufacturing defects)

  25. ahammedkabeer says:

    Xolo Q 2000 or Xolo Play is better. Also I need a smartphone which is better in camera gaming battery backup and especially internet use. My budget is 15000.

  26. Sphinicks says:

    I need your advice to buy phone with 10-15k which has 4.5 -5.0 inch screen as well as best specifications.

  27. Mayur says:

    I am confused between samsung galaxy neo & moto G2. Please suggest best from both. What are the flaws in MOTO G2 & what are the problems one can face in future with the same.

    • According to me you should go for Moto G 2nd Gen. Now the reasons why you should buy it is, It ensures timely update of new Android versions where as Samsung Devices never gets update on time. If we look at design and specifications than also Moto G (2nd Gen) would be best among both.

  28. Shubha Gundasetty says:

    I want to buy smart phone which has got good battery backup, good camera with full HD resolution . I need your advice to buy phone with 10-15k.

  29. Rachitha says:

    I want to buy a smartphone with a good camera, full HD, multitasking, dual sim, internal memory should be 8 or 16 GB, should support external SD card, good battery backup, and mainly it should not get overheated. My budget is 10 to 15 k. Pls suggest me a good phone. I am confused between LG L90 dual, sony xperia and moto 2g.

  30. amol12886 says:

    Hi Brijesh ,

    I want to purchase Smartphone following are my requirement
    Budget:- 18000/-Rs
    Processor:- Qualcomm or krait
    RAM:- More than 1GB
    Camera:- 8MP or More but having Exmore lence which is Sony cybershot uses
    Screen:- Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and 4.7 or 5 inch
    Brand should be Sony or Moto

    Thanks in Advance


    moto g 2nd gen sim type?

  32. Sphinicks says:

    I need a phone within 10000-20000 with good specs, best gaming and good battery of 4.5-5.0 inch please suggest me best one.

  33. Yusuf says:

    Hi Brijesh,
    Can you suggest some good 5 inch + display phone with good processor that wont lag and has a large battery.

    • Hey Yusuf you are the only one who are in search of phone with larger screen than 5 inch. Well I have got a phone from Gionee with 5.5 inch screen and has 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor which is really fast. You can buy it from flipkart from here

  34. Rajkumar says:

    I am a user of zenfone 5 for 2 weeks, but the battery drains out fast, only 5 to 6 hours when using WiFi and gaming. It gets heated up also when gaming.
    Recommend me a mobile that gives better battery back up.
    Lenovo serious good battery back up but users facing problem with network issues, unable to receive call even with full network coverage.
    So shall I go for Galaxy grand neo or Motorola g 2nd generation [ battery back for 12 hours required ]

    • Hey Rajkumar, If you need the mobile with good battery backup than you can go for Galaxy Grand Neo. It would give you better battery backup than any one listed here. If you want than you can also go for Moto G 2nd Gen it has also good battery backup but compared to Grand Neo it is less.

  35. ammu says:

    i want to buy android phone. My budget is 15000 and my choices are moto g,sony xperia l,samsung grand neo. Which one is best ?

  36. sanjay jariwala says:

    Thank you for making this list of android phones.

  37. Reena Bansal says:

    I am planning to buy a android phone till range 15,000.
    My requirement is best camera and good battery backup, stylish look and display.
    It should be a brand and service centers should easily be available in case of any fault.
    Please suggest.

  38. mayank kumar rai says:

    which is the best dual sim android phone to use internet conveniently with good battery backup under ₹15k is moto g2 good or tell me if any other phone which you like ?

    • Hey mayank, Moto G 2nd Gen is good phone but if you want me to suggest than I would also recommend you to go for Samsung Galaxy Grand NEO, it has more battery backup than Moto G 2nd Generation. I hope it helps you in buying best android phone for you.

  39. PRAJWAL says:

    hello guys ,I want to buy a mobile upto budget 15k to 16k so suggest me a mobile that have very brilliant camera as i love photography and it should have manual shutter speed setting ,iso setting,slow motion video recording etc and also perform well and also runs games like mortal combat 4 etc. I bought xperia z it heats up from top right side of camera during photography,very low battery backup, is their any solution for this help me and suggest me a phone.

    • Hey prajwal as per your needs, I think you should go for Moto G 2nd Gen (3rd in list). It has got all the camera needs which you want and also it can run all high graphics games. Now as you said you are facing problem with your Xperia Z than I would suggest you to update your phone to latest Android update available for your phone and if still the problem persists, you should visit the Sony Service Station.

  40. sunil says:

    Hi Brijesh Gohil, I want to buy a mobile up to budget 10000 Rs
    and I need a good battery backup phone and also the phone which can run apps smoothly.

  41. sunil says:

    thankyou brijesh..please suggeste me some more mobiles like asus,sony
    but i heard that asus doesn’t have good battery backup?

  42. s mahesh kumar says:

    I am planing to buy phone under 15000 i want the best camera phone with good battery backup can u suggest between canvas turbo and the lenovo S850

  43. Mohan says:

    I want to purchase a good android phone under 15000,my requirement is good internal storage, good display, long battery & should not get heat easily ,fed up with LG brand.please advise some good phone.

    • Hey Mohan, I would recommend you to go for Moto G 2nd Gen (3rd in list) or Samsung Galaxy Grand NEO (1st in list) both these phones have great display, more internal memory and decent battery life.

      • Mohan says:

        Thanks, Brijesh for your kind reply,as you said i hv almost finalised to go for Moto G,2nd Gen but what is your opinion about HTC desire 516,& Micromax HD plus A190 & Lenova P780 of the same range phone in comparison to above which you suggessted already to me. I am still in doldrum pl elaborate me.

      • jessina says:

        Hi Brijesh,
        I am looking at buying a phone and budget is 15k. I am totally confused on what to buy as there are options and also the pro’s and con’s on each phone. What I am looking at is a good camera(back/front), decent battery back up and good internal/external memory.
        1.Moto G (2nd generation) is I heard a good phone totally worth it but I also heard that there is high radiation issues.
        2.Htc 616 is also a good phone I heard.
        3.Lenovo s860 is a good phone but not sure of the battery back up, however I love the camera .

        Kindly if you could help me with this, it would be really appreciated.

        • Hey Jessina, I don’t think there is any major issue faced by people with Moto G. According to me you should go for Moto G 2nd Gen or if you want than here is the another good phone in terms of specifications and your requirements – Panasonic P81 (See on Flipkart)

  44. Meet says:

    Which Android phone is best in range of 15000?
    Please suggest.

    I got comparison between Moto g 2nd gen, Xolo Hive, Panasonic p61 and P81, and lenovo 660

  45. Abhi says:

    I want to purchase a phone around 15k which must not LAG, superb screen, nice battery backup & build quality must be great, so plz suggest me.
    what about xperia phone’s i had also seen xperia M2(around 16k)& xolo phones are good for day-to-day use their build quality as well as functionality is comparable with samsung ? so if there is any other phone than suggest me as soon as possible.

  46. rudra says:

    dear brijesh

    i want buy a smartphone, can u suggst which one is better in now a days below 15k
    1. lenovo s850
    2. moto g 2gen
    3. htc desire 616

    • Hey Rudra, All three are good but if we talk in terms of specifications of these phones than HTC desire 616 would be the more preferable choice so I would recommend you to buy that phone.

      • rudra says:

        let me know sony experia e3 ds is a good phone
        is it comfortable to buy.
        i want to buy 4.5 inch screen, can u suggest

  47. Avinash says:

    I want to go with Moto g 2nd gen. Could you compare with this samsung galaxy grand prime which is recently launched which would be better.please answer me as soon as possible, in terms of every features like internet surfing or other features like processor, internal memory.

    • Hey avinash, Both the phones are almost same if we look at configuration but If you want me to choose from Moto G 2nd Gen and Grand Prime than I would go for Moto G 2nd Gen, You can go for it without any hesitation.

  48. Immu says:

    Hello Brijesh.. I want to Buy Sony Xperia E3 Dual.. How is this Phone.? I want good better,camera,super performing phone with tough body. Kindly help.

    • Hey Immu, yes it is a good phone it has got nice camera and from its specifications we can conclude that it would be performing good. Yes you can go for it.

  49. Yash says:

    I want to buy a android phone under 15k so I searched and got doubt among these smartphones.
    1. xolo play 8x-1100
    2. micromax canvas nitro
    3. karbonn titanium octane plus

    my special requirements are smooth gaming, nice camera and better battery backup.

    please tell me best among them. or if u feel any other is better than too, please let me know.

  50. Rahul says:

    I want to buy a best battery backup smartphone with minimum 8gb internal memory and 1gb ram. I am confused between moto g second generation or lumia 730. Please suggest between these two or any other mobile.

    • Hey rahul, sorry for the late reply. I would recommend you to go for Moto G 2nd Gen. You can also go for Lumia 730 but windows store do not have all the apps which you will get in play store. Again its your choice.

  51. mukesh sharma says:

    I want to buy in 15000 buget phone in lg/sony/htc so please suggest me a best phone in this range which have better future and better processer.

  52. Jignesh Vyas says:

    I want to purchase mobile upto 15k which has nice processor, camera, internal memory and battery backup.
    Kindly suggest best one.

  53. rajesh says:

    hey brijesh
    which is better???
    sony xperia sp or htc desire 616

  54. shashank says:

    I want to gift my wife a mobile.Required specification : Dual Sim ,max 4.5 inch screen ,under 12000 budget.Please could you advice branded mobile under this specification.Also i would like to know which mobile you choose between xperia M dual or Xperia E3 dual.

    • Hey shashank, According to me Xperia E3 dual would be better choice among both the phones. It has got good specifications and also it comes with latest android 4.4. I think you should go for it.

  55. SARITA says:

    Need a good android phone with good sound quality and battery back up. Confused between moto g 2nd gen and Panasonic Eluga u. kindly recommend me best android phones under 15000 rs

  56. Jignesh Vyas says:

    Is Asus Zenphone 5 is better than Moto (2 gen)?

    Pls suggess.

  57. rajni says:

    heloo brij
    please can u tell me which is best mobile samsung galaxy grand prime or lava iris x5 or sony xperia c
    for good camera clarity and games reply fast

  58. deep bisht says:

    I want buy one android phone but
    I am confuesd between moto g 2 and micromax canvas nitro. which one will u suggest ?

  59. rajni says:

    but sum people r sayng dat samsung mobile hangs whn playng games,nd it wont give dat much battery packup

  60. JOHN says:

    please do suggest for good camera and decent battery backup among lenovo S850, moto G 2nd gen and Panasonic P81 in an order. any suggestion for a good quality voice recorder among the three?