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10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000 (November 2017)


Brijesh Gohil

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  1. Hugo Planchon says:

    Hey guys! Can you please help me? I’m looking for a good gaming laptop at 1000$ that would play games very nicely and with the less lag possible.
    Is the Asus ROG GL551-DS71 a good laptop ? Thanks for your help.

    • Yup Asus ROG is a nice gaming laptop with amazing specifications. If I talk in general than all laptops picked for this guide are best and only made for gaming. Even this guide is updated every week so all these laptops are best right now! Well if I talk about Asus ROG than it is a bang for buck deal right now. I think you should steal it right now..

  2. Praneet says:

    Hey why dont you consider the hp envy 17t 2015 edition with gtx 950m?

  3. John says:

    Hey guys I need a help, I’ve few options for gaming. I’ll play GTA5, CoD series, Battlefield, Rome 2 Total War etc…
    1- ASUS ROG 15-Inch Gaming Laptop (with 6th Gen Intel Core i7
    2-) MSI GE62 Apache
    3-) MSI GE72 Apache 235
    4-) GIGABYTE P55W-BW1
    5-)MSI GE Series GE70 Apache Pro-681 17.3-Inch
    My budget is about 800-900€ maybe I can add 100€. So most important thing is which have a best cooler system? I searched some forums and they said MSI have dual fan, it have more effect to cooling system? What’s your opinion guys? Please tell me. Thank you guys

    • Every gaming laptop catches heat, no matter what machine you are on… I would better opt for laptop with latest specs so I would recommend you to buy Asus ROG with latest Intel processor.

  4. vikas patel says:

    hey brij!!! i am intrested in buying HP-AB 219 TX.Is this laptop best for gaming??like gta 5 or something??

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