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Gmail Desktop Notification : Enable or Disable


Brijesh Gohil

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  1. kumar says:

    brother very happy to see ur webpage

    also interested to follow ur trend

    and my query is on file storing and sharing
    i use dropbox but the problem exists when anyone deletes my files which stored in dropbox

    i want to know is there any online application like dropbox which also having security option
    and it must be free software

    i often use to share my files with group whose the same password and id to download and upload the data using gmail but unfortunately my password changing by others with negative intention
    so i shifted to dropbox
    it is very convenient to me and my users, users are updating the data
    whenever they have to update
    ( but file secuirty is not availble )
    so i need an online application (like dropbox)
    1.the file should not be deleted by any one
    2.the file should be downloadable to all my users
    3.the application must provide message display service (also if any sms service available )

    please give a solution


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