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Get Paid Apps For Free Without Jailbreak On iPhone


Brijesh Gohil

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  1. Elaine says:

    When I open paid apps from my iphone that I’ve downloaded using tongbu, it prompts me to type my Apple ID, email and password then it crashes. Should I download your software which fixes crashing? Will it resolve the prompting of apple ID issue? Thanks for this by the way. It’s much help! 🙂

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Hi Elaine, Thanks for trying our trick. Ya if you are facing problem of crashing apps than download Tongbu Assistant app on your laptop or computer and follow the steps. Let me know if you face any problems further 🙂

  2. Kris Gilbert says:

    It seems that some of my apps are crashing on a daily basis. Is this normal? I’d rather not have to fix my apps daily If I don’t have to. I know getting these apps free is a privilege, but everyday? Thanks in advance.

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Ya it happens with me also in few apps. I would recommend you to not update the apps even if you get updates for it in App Store.

  3. Gautam says:

    Its asking for an apple id and password and mine won’t work in it so what am I supposed to put in to make it work?

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      there are few apps with which this thing doesn’t work. By the way which app you was trying to download?

      • Gautam says:

        Ultimate guitar tabs and tabs pro. None worked.

        • Brijesh Gohil says:

          ok as I said before there are few apps which are not available on Tongbu app but it gives you majority of paid apps for free.

  4. Gautam says:

    Is there a way to use cracked apps without jailbreaking the iphone?

  5. gautam says:

    Thanks bro, That fix crash thingy worked. Apps functioning. Thanks.

  6. Kushal patel says:

    I have downloaded app from tongbu app.
    But it is not opening and crashed.
    I have tried to resolve This problam from tongbu assistance but I don’t find any option like “fixed crash issue”
    Please help me.
    I have both latest version of tongbu.

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      I would recommend you to follow all given steps properly and also try re-installing tongbu assistance software on your pc or laptop. For sure it will show fix crash button as shown in screenshot above.

  7. Kushal patel says:

    How can I update the app which is downloaded from tongbu ??

    Some app showing update in App Store.

    But I can’t update from App Store .

  8. Jay says:

    I have macbook so where can i get itong for OS-X for fixing crashed apps

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      You can download tongbu on your mac from here. It is chinese website, click on Green button and download will begin.

      • Prince says:

        How can I fix crashes in Mac Tongbu Version , I couldnt find this option in Mac Version , Did U find that .?

  9. Naj Cabe says:

    How do I download and install Tongbu app to my iPad 1 with iOS 5.1 ? The asstaint software says apple device needs to be jail broken …..

    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Hey Naj, Go to the link to download Tongbu app and also make sure you open that link in safari browser of your iPad. I have tried it on my iPad mini and it works fine. I hope it goes well for you, if you face more problems feel free to ask me back.

  10. Prince says:

    Hi brijesh , 1st a fall big thanks for ur Tongbu Trick, I am using this ,its working like charm , but i have couple of doubts in this ,
    1.Is it really safe using Tongbu , I mean security reasons (Does it sync any information in my Phone)
    2. I already downloaded couple of paid apps using Tongbu , if I uninstall Tongbu in my device will that apps still in iPhone or get deleted with Tongbu

    Please clarify me bro..


    • Brijesh Gohil says:

      Hey price, Your iPhone will not face any issues with security don’t worry. It never deals with your personal information. You can uninstall tongbu app on your iPhone, it will not affect any of the apps downloaded through it. They will stay until you will not delete them individually. If you have any other questions, you can ask me in comments.

      • Prince says:

        Hey thanks for quick reply bro , everythng is working alright but its not syncyng to itunes backup. For iCloud and computer backup its saying me error like this computer is not authorized for this purchasing. Once again im selecting authorization from store option. Its still remain same. Any sollution to overcome this issue

        • As we are downloading these apps from Tongbu store, Apple’s own App Store do not have the knowledge of the apps which we have installed by tongbu. So this is a problem but don’t mind it. It never affects anything in any way.

  11. Prince says:

    These apps getting crashed When u switch off your mobile every time, u have to fix crash by using Tongbu assistant every time after switch on, Is it same for all users.?

  12. Prince says:

    How can I fix crashes in Mac Tongbu Version , I couldnt find this option in Mac Version

  13. jerome says:

    How can i fix a crash without a laptop?

    • I am so sorry Jerome, There is no way to fix crashing apps without laptop. You can ask your friend to let use their laptop for a while. It do not take much time. I hope that helps..

  14. arpit says:

    does downloading any app from tongbu causes problems when syncing with itunes?
    I’ve heard people saying that if you download apps externally it does not allow you to sync your phone..
    Is this same with this app?

    • Hey arpit, here we are not Jailbreaking iPhone, so it works completely fine. Even I am downloading lots of apps using tongbu app and till date I never faced a single problem by syncing my iPhone to iTunes. You can use this app without any type of hesitation go ahead.

  15. Devansh Sehgal says:

    Tongbu Assistant is not working. I had downloaded apps on my iphone 5s but it crash even after fixing from tongbu assistant . Any tips??

    • I would suggest you to download latest version of Tongbu assistant software. Even when you install tongbu don’t cancel if it checks for updates. Let it check and install the latest updates so that it can work properly.

  16. Devansh Sehgal says:

    I think there was a problem last time. But its working properly now . Thanks a lot for this amazing trick.

  17. Josh says:

    Hey I can’t download it for some reason when I click on it it just keeps installing again. Please help me.

    • what you are trying to download and it keeps on installing? is it tongbu app on your iPhone or tongbu assistant software on pc ? This method is working completely fine, I would recommend you to follow steps properly.

  18. Rump says:

    It keeps telling me it failed to install tongbu

  19. lokesh says:

    temple run oz is not working in my ipad mini even though i have fixed the crash using tongbu assistant

  20. Praise says:

    Does tongbu really download apps slowly? Or is it just me?

  21. Toran says:

    Hey, i downloaded ios8 and my apps started to crash and I fixed crash like more then five times again and again and the apps won’t work and tried turning off my iPhone and turning it back on and uninstalling tongbu and. Installing it back and it still ask for the Apple id and password. Please helps!!!!!!!

    • Hey toran, as Apple released iOS 8 few weeks before so iOS 8 compatible version of tongbu app is not yet available. Even I am facing the same problems. As soon as I will find the solution of this problem, I will post here for you all. Thank you.

  22. Matt says:

    Tried to download tongbu on my 4th gen Itouch. It has iOS 6.1.6. Every time before it finishes installing it says it can’t be downloaded at this time, and lets me either cancel or retry. Help?

  23. Matt says:

    That’s the latest iOS I can get on it. It’s a 4th gen

  24. Nigel Ogladih says:

    I downloaded flight radar 24 pro app and fixed it with Tongbu Assistant but still it asks my apple id address and password and still crashes. Fixed it in multiple times. Is it because i updated my software with IOS 8? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

    • Yes Nigel, you are facing problem because of iOS 8. Wait for iOS 8 compatible version of tongbu app. After that you would be able to download paid apps for free on your apple device.

  25. amandeep says:

    hey bro it did not woek on my iphn 6… same crash aap ocur after using that softwre ios 8.0.2

  26. Amandeep says:

    Then bro what is the solution please help

  27. ravinder says:

    I hv install tongbu
    And download facetune
    But after downloading icon is still there and in waiting and retry bcz application could not be downloaded at that time

    • On which device you tried this and which iOS version you are running on it?

      • ravinder says:

        I am using 4s 32gb 7.1.2 version but no response after fixing also
        And same in 5s 7.1.2
        App crashes even not opening

        I think this is not right
        Bcz I was trying but I could not do

        Thx bro

  28. Hussain says:

    I have downloaded minecraft pocket-edition, it says that I have to give my Apple ID and password . I have 10 dollars in mine account so is it safe that if I put mine accout and the money doesn’t get reduced, please reply as soon as possible…..

  29. Amandeep says:

    Brother any update for ios 8.0.2

  30. hasantha says:

    can i download need for speed most wanted from this app…please tell mee…

  31. KyrosTheKing says:

    Do you know when it will be working on iOS 8?

  32. Brandon Martinez says:

    This might seem a little irrelevant but I downloaded a Tongbu client called Tongbu Assistant which is suppose to help you clear trash and unnecessary files on your iPhone; however I am worried that this software could slow down or damage my iPhone in any way? Thanks!

    • Hey brandon, I am not sure about it but I would recommend you to restore your iPhone by taking backup of all the data rather than doing this. It may cause failure and harm the iPhone.

  33. Kartik says:

    After I used this method I can no longer sync any apps using itunes cuz it says,”Itunes cannot sync apps on this iphone because itunes is not authorized”.When I delete the app sync again starts working.Help?

    • Yes thats true kartik, it won’t allow you to sync your iPhone with iTunes as every time you sync it takes the backup first and in that backup it checks all the app purchases made by you. As we are downloading apps from tongbu, it won’t show up in our iTunes purchase and it terminates the sync process.

      • Jashaul says:

        Hey Brij,I have a doubt one app on app store that is named FIFA 14 is not available and i would like to download it.Will i be able to download it using tongbu?? P.s the app is actually a free app.I have an iPad mini 2.

  34. Pitt says:

    Hey is tongbu safe to use?

  35. Siddharth Singh says:

    Hey i tried to download pro . It downloaded and also installed on my iOS by tongfu. When i opened it it asked me for my apple ID and password. When i typed it , i thought it would start, but it suddenly closed itself… Please tell a solution asap.

  36. Tarun Rao says:

    Hi brij thank you so much for sharing this trick that really works.

  37. Kaitlynn says:

    Hey Brij I’m trying to download tongfu on my iPhone 4 that’s currently Ios7 but it won’t download. I’ve tried deleting old apps that I never used to make room but it still won’t install. Could it be my phone that’s just not letting it download?

    • does it show you any error message ? Well I think there should not be any issues with iPhone running iOS 7. Than too I would recommend you to try downloading it again.

  38. Marc says:

    Do you know Any alternatives to tongbu,25pp and kuaiyong? That does the same thing?

    • Yes marc, they are the same but tongbu has more apps in comparison with other. Still Tongbu has not released its app for iOS 8. If you are running iOS 7 than you can try tongbu. Well I don’t know any other such apps.

  39. sheik says:

    The tongbu is safe to install in iphone 5 ios 8.x

  40. Doctor Ethan says:

    Hey so I just downloaded Five Nights At Freddy’s I start it up and it prompts me to enter my iTunes info, then it crashes…. Should I do the crash fixing thing?

  41. Karthik says:

    I have downloaded t apps n I’ve installed it ,if I go to t app it’s asking for Ma Apple ID n password n if I put it it’s coming out of the app please help me fixing it

    • Hey kartik you need to follow fix app crash steps in the article above to fix this issue. Follow steps of “HOW TO FIX CRASHING APPS DOWNLOADED USING TONGBU ?” and after that you will be able to download all paid apps for free on your iPhone.

  42. AKHEEL says:

    hey i have downloaded app from tongbu, but its asking for update but i cant update it, how to update it ?

    • Hey akheel, as you have downloaded app from tongbu you have to update that app from tongbu it self. Wait for the time till tongbu shows you update for that particular app.

  43. Alex De Figueiredo says:

    Hello I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH IT WORKS PERFECTLY!!!!!!

  44. Sagar says:

    Thanks for this tutorial, it works! But what about warranty? will installing this void warranty in case I need to take my phone for Apple center for some repairs etc

  45. Faiz says:

    i cant download sticky notes hd using tongbu it re directs me to itunes i am using the app on my laptop and then installing the apps on my iphone .Are some apps not supported by tongbu or is there a solution??

  46. Dave says:

    Do i need to keep togbu open to continue downloading app? Im currently downloading and i cant notice any change or progress. I have a good internet connection.

  47. Dave says:

    O isee. Hmm btw im using iphone 6 running in ios8.0.2. Does this work on it? Thankd

  48. yudhveer says:

    Unable to download app, Nat geo atlast cannot be installed at this time. (Done/retry)

    I have ipad air. Tongbu for ios 8! Installed it today morning. The download of the app was complete and the above message showed up when i tried installing, however just before installing it asked me weather to trust something or not which i did trust.. What should i do??

    Another concern is that is it safe… This website says it is not safe..

    Please help


    • I would recommend you to try downloading another app as there are many apps which tongbu will not be able to download and as far as safety of device is concerned I have downloaded GTA San Andreas and NFS Most Wanted games for free using tongbu on my iPad Air 2. I didn’t faced any issues downloading them and even while using it. If you think that any thing is wrong simply you can delete downloaded apps and tongbu app.

  49. hambo325 says:

    does this work on ios 6.1.6 for ipod?